#5 SS19 📷 Cambridge Revisited: Aperitifs on the River, Deconstructed Chicken for Dinner, Sunshine all Around

I sat comfortably squished in next to my college-mate, on the punt, whilst he poured the concoction of liquids necessary to make an aperitif spritz, whilst we ambled along the river, laughing and toasting other punters who came prepared with alcoholic beverages. Seven of us on a St Johns boat, meaning we didn't have to queue. It was a lovely warm day. It was hot. We were happy.

#4 SS19 📷 Cold, Tart Delights in the City

Lavender was a pretty addition which balanced the depth and mushroomi-ness of the drink. The whole experience was dream-like; I enjoyed sipping my tartufo all night. It's a heady drink - gin is one of its ingredients - so if something to eat hadn't already been on the agenda that evening, it was after a few minutes of this.