#6 AW18 Becoming a Morning Person: the Early Bird Catches the Worm

Featuring the view from The Gherkin, London.

Sleep now, deeply, and rest well, knowing that you will get up again and this time you will be better than ever before. You will channel what you’ve learned whilst you slept – whether you had dreams or nightmares – as well as the best of you, to make dreams come true. Like the body river in full flow, you’ll course through and over obstacles, fluidly, and take along whoever and whatever wants to come with.

I was born about 1 am and tend to come alive after 6 pm, I feel energised as evening falls. Lights twinkle and glow now; gatherings become glamorous or cosy simply by way of context; alcohol, letting go and honesty, become more acceptable. Through discipline, however, I adapted to early mornings. Rising with the sun, punctuated by birdsong, and falling with the sun too. This way, I get shit done, as the French say, and enjoy doing so. It gives me time to listen to myself before having to listen to anyone else. To do my work before working on anything for anyone else.

  1. Timetable – plan your days, plan the week around your chosen se reveiller and bedtimes. Things will change, such is life. Having a plan enables me to make decisions about those last minute changes more quickly and effectively.
  2. Set an evening cut off time and morning reconnect time for electronic devices.
  3. When you’re tired, go to sleep. Preferably in the evening, to keep a healthy routine, and in a bed rather than at work etc.
  4. Exercise regularly, laugh regularly and eat food that makes you feel good. This has meant minimising meat, gluten, alcohol, processed food and carbohydrate consumption for me. You’ll sleep better.
  5. Set daily goals, write lists or acknowledge your intentions for the day, in the morning and then appreciate what can during the evening.

You’re up now and you’re more awake than ever before. Remember who you were, remember the colours in your head that were there before society told you who you should be, and paint.



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