#2 AW 18 It’s Never too Late to be who you Might Have Been

featuring Miu Miu, my favourite fashion house.

Light Rises, like Heat and Truth
Lloyd’s of London

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” – Georg Eliot

This is a quote that used to be stuck on the white, cuboid PC desktop on our desk in the front room. The “front room” is the miniature library, the one with the most books and bookshelves in it, a sofa and a fireplace, that also served as a workspace for whoever needed, or the piano practice room for whoever managed to manoeuvre themselves in to use the piano thus making it impossible for anyone to use it as a workspace. “Our” being my immediate family, when I lived there, in the house I grew up in. It was a creamy colour, the card that the quote was printed on, with faded grey or maroonish pinstripes – I can’t quite remember. I do remember Googling George Eliot, and being intrigued by the fact it was a woman with a male nom de plume, as was customary during the Victorian period. An unfortunate necessity, but there is a freedom that comes with writing what you want to, rather than with what you think your audience expects of you.

Speaking to older friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances – especially women – I am struck by the pressure we can sometimes feel to achieve things by specific ages. Tina Seelig writes about what she wishes she knew when she was 40. It’s a brilliant elaboration of her celebrated work, What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20, in encouraging you to focus on your own life trajectory rather than a social timeline. Fortunately, like carbon to diamond, we can turn this pressure into something beautiful, create our own timelines. What Megan Markle has said about women resonates more, “women don’t need to find a voice,*” we already have one, to be heard by those that want to listen. Contrary to popular belief, you decide who you are or what you want (♫ short film) at any point in time. At any one moment, there are endless possibilities for your future that you can choose. The future always starts now.


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